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Applying the Sunshine Tee Template to your favourite Tee pattern

Tips and Tricks to spice up your garment

Applying the Sunshine Tee Template to your favourite pattern

Print and assemble the corresponding size of Spliced Sunshine Front Piece Template for your sewing project.  If you are sewing a size 2 then choose the "Size 2 Template Pattern." If you are sewing a ladies size then choose the largest youth size, which is the youth size 14.  This size template will be a suitable size ratio for most ladies sizes.

Begin by tracing both sides of the chosen shirt pattern so you end up with a full front piece.

Transfer pattern marks.  Fold your new traced piece in half and fold whole Sunshine Tee Template Piece in half to make it easier to line up centre using the crease.  Line up traced shirt front pattern on top of spliced pattern.  Line up the armsyce so the sun will stay in about the same place.

Trace sun and rays lines, extending if necessary. 

Number the pieces!  Also, I'd suggest adding a grain line arrow on each piece at this stage - I wish I had done that!  It was a little hard to figure it out once it was cut up.

Play with fabric arrangements.

On piece #13 be sure to mark all the corresponding notches for the sun ray lines.  This will assist you when sewing this curve.

Cut up new pattern pieces.

Don't forget to add seam allowance when cutting out your pieces or retrace and add all your seam allowances to your pattern pieces!

Pieces rearranged before sewing the front together to keep them in order.  

When ready to sew, I recommend following the instructions from page 28.  This will show the correct layout for sewing the pieces together this way all seams lay the same direction on the finished garment.

Ta da!  Front piece done.  Continue tutorial as written to add sleeves and back. 

Beautiful shirt done, yeah!

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You may also enjoy seeing a few progress shots from the lovely Amy Hodge for her boys version of the Sunshine Tee, using the "Front Piece Template!"

In this version Amy has made and adjustment to better fit her print of CP30 in the semi-circle.  Note; all the the "grainlines" and "direction of most stretch" placed on the pattern pieces which just assist when going to cut out fabric.

Amy went the route of retracing and adding seam allowances to the pattern pieces before cutting.

The completed Tee.  Looks awesome doesn't it?

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