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Adding flare to the hips when making the Combo Dress

Tips and Tricks to spice up your garment

 #21100 Fun Tee and #22101 Skip Skip Combo Dress

Above we have 3 gorgeous photos of the dresses made from combining the Fun Tee and Skip Skirt.  Isn't it fun to see the different looks that can be achieved when doing this.
The patterns have been made so that the top and the skirt fit together perfectly so that you have the option to create a dress.  The instructions to create the looks above come with the #22101 Skip Skirt pattern.
Today, I am going to show you how you can change the flare on the hips of the pattern pieces, to give you the option of making a slightly looser dress over the hips.  This is what I have done with the dress below.  It seems to go with this style of skirt nicely.

So to give you an overview of what we are going to achieve.  Below is the Fun Tee front pattern piece.  The areas in orange are what I have added to the pattern piece.

To begin, go to the centre front hem of the pattern and add 3/8" or 1cm and square out to the half way line.

On the side seam square up from the hem 2" or 5cm and mark out 5/8" or 1.5cm.

Going back to this image, as shown in orange, join the markings on the hip with the waist notch on the side seam and draw the curve from the hip to the to the centre front.

Next shorten the length of the Tee as specified in the pattern by 2" or 5cm and trim this off as shown.

Next, divide the amount added onto the hip of the Fun Tee. Add the 1/4" or .75cm onto the centre front of the skirt and 1/4" or .75cm onto the side seam as shown below.

Those are all the changes you will need to make to the front pattern pieces.  Next you will need to replicate these changes and add them to the back.
Now your little models dresses will have a little more swing and a little more flare.

The complete Fun Tee and Skip Skirt can be made by following the instructions that come with the patterns.   You can purchase as a bundle on both my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

You can also visit the Sew by Pattern Pieces Sewing Circle to ask questions or gather more sewing inspiration.  Thank you for your time today and happy sewing! 

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