Saturday, 28 May 2016

Tester Round Up for the #23100 Sport Dress

Tester Round Up for the #23100 Sport Dress

 The Final photographs sent to me from the lovely testers of this pattern were so gorgeous I just had to share them in one location for all to see.

I have been very fortunate to have many testers come back a second, third and fourth time to test my new patterns.  I feel very thankful for that and for the friendships formed through this process. 

Thank you to all the lovely testers that helped work on this pattern.  Without you it would not have been possible.

I have shown the widths and lengths testers have used to make their models clothes to demonstrate that not many people are standard  height and width. Through using the layers function when printing the patterns you can easily make the correct size required for your model.  Full instructions for making combination sizes come with the pattern.

Photographs shown are in order of size. 

Size 1 width 3 height
Mirelle Melanson

Size 1 width 2 height
Rhonda Bowen

Size 2 width 4 height
Megan Ray

Size 2 width 3 height
Kary Davis

Size 2 width 3 height
Linda Stilling

Size 3 width 3 height
Amy Hodge

Size 3 width 4 height
Thao Luxa

Size 3 width 4 height
Shalini Verma

Size 4 width 5 height
Megan Ray

Size 3 Chest 5 Hip and 4 length
Juanita Bell

Size 4 width 5 height
Rena Knotingham

Size 4 width 5 height
Alison Daines

Size 5 width 5 height
Danielle Kuznia

Size 6 width 6 height
Lauren Wernli

Size 7 width 6 height
Dianne Firth

Size 7 width 7 height
Jessica Vert

Size 10 width 10 height
Lauren Wernli

Size 12 width 14 height + 3"
Cindy Parett

Size 14 width with waist adjustment.
Donna Welburn

Well there you have it, so many amazing testers showing just how you can utilize this pattern, in all it’s views whether that be the Top, Tunic, Knee length or Long length.

We cannot wait to see your version of this fabulous #23100 Sport Dress. 

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