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Applying the Sunshine Tee Template to your favourite Tee pattern

Tips and Tricks to spice up your garment

Applying the Sunshine Tee Template to your favourite pattern

Print and assemble the corresponding size of Spliced Sunshine Front Piece Template for your sewing project.  If you are sewing a size 2 then choose the "Size 2 Template Pattern." If you are sewing a ladies size then choose the largest youth size, which is the youth size 14.  This size template will be a suitable size ratio for most ladies sizes.

Begin by tracing both sides of the chosen shirt pattern so you end up with a full front piece.

Transfer pattern marks.  Fold your new traced piece in half and fold whole Sunshine Tee Template Piece in half to make it easier to line up centre using the crease.  Line up traced shirt front pattern on top of spliced pattern.  Line up the armsyce so the sun will stay in about the same place.

Trace sun and rays lines, extending if necessary. 

Number the pieces!  Also, I'd suggest adding a grain line arrow on each piece at this stage - I wish I had done that!  It was a little hard to figure it out once it was cut up.

Play with fabric arrangements.

On piece #13 be sure to mark all the corresponding notches for the sun ray lines.  This will assist you when sewing this curve.

Cut up new pattern pieces.

Don't forget to add seam allowance when cutting out your pieces or retrace and add all your seam allowances to your pattern pieces!

Pieces rearranged before sewing the front together to keep them in order.  

When ready to sew, I recommend following the instructions from page 28.  This will show the correct layout for sewing the pieces together this way all seams lay the same direction on the finished garment.

Ta da!  Front piece done.  Continue tutorial as written to add sleeves and back. 

Beautiful shirt done, yeah!

As a big "Thank You" for the photos and for writing up this blog post, you may wish to purchase the Sunshine Tee using this link will also give you 10% off your purchase.

Also, if you like the gorgeous fabric used to make Katie's Tee please visit
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You may also enjoy seeing a few progress shots from the lovely Amy Hodge for her boys version of the Sunshine Tee, using the "Front Piece Template!"

In this version Amy has made and adjustment to better fit her print of CP30 in the semi-circle.  Note; all the the "grainlines" and "direction of most stretch" placed on the pattern pieces which just assist when going to cut out fabric.

Amy went the route of retracing and adding seam allowances to the pattern pieces before cutting.

The completed Tee.  Looks awesome doesn't it?

To visit the Sew by Pattern Pieces Store hit the link below:

Monday, 12 December 2016

The Christmas Gift Giving Blog Tour 2016

Welcome to the Christmas Gift Giving BLog Tour.  Today is Day One of the Tour and both Tibeca Yao from Sewing by Ti and I, Lauren Wernli from Sew by Pattern Pieces, will be your hosts.

It is that time of year where we are looking for something to wear that is a little festive.  Ever since I laid my eyes on this beautiful fabric in a destash group (Thank you Sneha), I have had the vision of this dress in my head.  I am so excited that I have now had the time to put it together and also to be able to share it with you.  

Thank you to the lovely, awesome, fantastic and very patient Tasha Kimlin who took the following photos for this post.  Tash has the most amazing eye for detail and this is represented throughout her home.  As soon as I saw her stunning tree (as it is every year!) I knew I had to use this location as the backdrop to showcase this dress.

In order to create this dress, I have taken the Ladies Fun Tee and brought it in 1/2" each side at the waist and cut it off 1" below the lengthen shorten line at the waist (I am long in the body!)  Next I measured the Glamour Swirl Skirt (Free when you join my group) waists and found a size to fit the top half of the Ladies Tee and used that for the skirt.  This skirt is a full circle.

There are many options to create a feature at the waist.  One idea could be an actual belt!  We very nearly used a rose gold one.  Another idea could be a contrast band in stretch.  We decided in this case to use a statin sash, about 8cm wide and wrapped around twice and tied into a bow.  The sash finishes the dress off nicely worn either at the front of the dress or at the back.

Have you decided on your Christmas outfit this year?  Using the Ladies Fun Tee could be a great option.  We live in Australia and I find this dress so comfortable in the heat, no need to iron and it has the abilty to dress up or down to suit the occasion.  Plus I can change the band at the waist and my shoes and have a completely different outfit.

The Ladies Fun Tee is available with Fronts for A-G cup

Sizes supplied in this pattern 

  AU 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 US 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 EU 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

We have had many lovely designers contribute to the prize package for this tour.  With only a couple of weeks until Christmas we thought it would be a great idea to showcase a pattern from each designer that would make a great gift to give away over the Festive Season.  

Every one of the businesses that are featured in this post have kindly donated the prizes for this tour, so I hope you love reading about the fun projects they have on offer and pay them a visit.  Do not forget to enter the Rafflecopter at the end of this post, as you could be the lucky winner of a pattern from each one of these designers.  

All of the contributers are listed in alphabetical order.

The holiday cutout dress by Bella Sunshine The Holiday Cutout Dress & Top is packed full of options. Different cutouts, different lengths, and an optional appliqué give you the opportunity to make it unique every time you sew it. Layer it over a long sleeve shirt and leggings for the winter or keep it as is for warmer months. And with the different cutouts available in various sizes, you can make one for every one of your favorite holidays. Included cutouts feature a heart, shamrock, bunny, star, pumpkin, and tree.

The Puppet Purses from Bishy Barnababes make great, fun gifts that can be whipped up in no time. Using felt or fleece, they are a unique design that combines both a puppet and small purse for lose change or other treasures. Kids love them! There are two sets of animals and both patterns are currently on sale in the Bishy Barnababes shop.

The Primrose Pj’s from Daydream Patterns is a super cute design for your favourite girl – perfect for sleepover parties and summer fun! An easy and quick Christmas present - who doesn't need new jammies for Xmas?

The pdf pattern includes pyjama shorts with a lace edging along the hem and pocket and a stretch knit singlet top with soft gathers across the front shoulders and across the back.  The pattern includes 4 applique templates – a heart, a cupcake, a butterfly shape and a Christmas tree shape especially for the festive season. Also included is a sleep mask in size small and medium. Full instructions on how to make these are included in the tutorial.

The pattern includes size 4 – 14 girls sizes and a detailed instruction tutorial with illustrations. An A0 copy shop file and a 36″ wide copy shop file are also included.

Harem Shorts Little Kiwi's Closet. Easy to sew and super addictive to make, just one pair of these harem shorts is not enough. Made from comfy knit these shorts move and grow with your child as they explore their world.  Smaller sizes are suitable for cloth and disposable nappies.

The Tainted Love Fold Over Clutch from Little Moo Designs brings together clean lines, contrast panels and a double zipper focus for a perfect clutch to take you from daytime to evening. This grab and go style clutch features an internal zipper welt pocket and a double card slot holding all of your essentials in one place. Designed for leather and vinyl, the contrast panel allows the Clutch to be matched to your favourite seasonal outfit.

Coif from Mother Grimm Designs There are 4 basic Coif styles- One Seam, Two Seam, Short and Long Pixie points.  This is a close fitting hood/hat that can be lined and made reversible.  It can fit easily underneath coats and tops, keeping the neck and the entire head warm - meaning that scarves and other bulky items are not necessary to keep warm. 

The add-on feature a completely different bonus free coif pattern that allows you to make a shark/dolphin/fish.  The add-on pack also contains a selection of different ear styles and sizes (including Dragon, Rabbit and Puppy), spikes/teeth as well as a range of Knight crests and a visor for budding adventurers.  

Your imagination can run wild and create a complete new and unique look every time.

Enjoy 18% off everything at the moment using the code DAVEBIRTHDAY18
Sale ends midnight December 13th.

Mermaid Tail Blanket from Made for Mermaids are comfy, take little fabric, adorable and a quick sew! If you need a quick gift for ANY child, they will love this fun blanket. Very easy fit with options given to make it fit a large size range. Matching dolly takes NO extra yardage and makes the perfect add on to your handmade shop OR your doll loving daughter. Mermaid tail blankets for everyone!  Free Downloadable pattern from their website.

Image result for made for mermaids mermaid tail blanket

The Tea To Go tea bag travel case from Rachel Rossi Designs makes a great gift for any tea lover: mothers, grandmothers, best friends, and sisters! Tea To Go is the perfect way to travel with your favorite teas, It includes 6 pockets and folds up small enough to fit in your jeans pocket.

A PDF sewing pattern for a camera toy by Swoodsen Says, with  both neck strap and wrist strap options. A small vinyl pocket on the back allows you to slip in pictures for a ‘view-finder’ to use in pretend play. Perfect as a softie for a baby or infant OR a prop for dress-up & imaginative play for an older child. 

The Briar and Fluer dolls from Twig and Tale are wonderful for young ones learning about the world absorb all they see, hear and feel with wide open eyes and hearts.  A doll made from natural materials makes the intangible real and shows them love can be held and nurtured.  Made by you, he or she will always be perfect in their eyes, a priceless gift and lifelong friend. 

These delightful  dolls have clear, detailed tutorials - no previous dollmaking or embroidery experience is required!

The  patterns for their lovely wee clothes are also included so your doll is all ready for someone special to love and play with.

The Fable Headband from Wolf and Tree  This pattern has so many options that can be made out of woven, knit, wool, felt.....

Make ear muffs with a round shape or troll shaped. You can also add ears or flowers to embellish or omit the ear muffs and make beautiful headbands to turn this pattern into a pattern for all seasons.

Use the pattern to make crowns as party favors and gifts. This pattern does it all.

Today we have seen amazing gift giving patterns on the market,  
which one will you grab hold of and sew for a friend or family member?

Don't miss any of the posts on the 

(Note: the links below will not work until their scheduled day, but feel free to click through and check out the rest of their blogs anytime!)

Tour runs from Tuesday 13th- Friday 16th December 2016

Day 1 Tuesday 13th _ Lauren Wernli and Tibeca Yao

Day 2 Wednesday 14th _ Thao Luxa and Sarah Hoggett

Day 3 Thursday 15th _ Anne-Mari Orgla and Angie Kyp

Day 4 Friday 16th _ Nelleke van der Haar (Rounding up the Tour)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tester Round Up for the #11100 Ladies Fun Tee

The latest pattern by Sew by Pattern Pieces is a special one.  I decided early on when I made ladies patterns I wanted them to fit well and I wanted ladies of a wide range of sizes to be able to wear them.

This pattern comes in Fitted or Relaxed.  Fitted to mold to the body and wearable with all the fitted skirts and pants available at the moment.  Relaxed for that little bit of swing over garments.

5 sleeve options are included with this pattern.  Short and long gathered sleeve and plain sleeve, with also a 3/4 sleeve length option.

Need an SBA or FBA applied to your patterns?  This has been done for you, just print out the size you require.  This pattern comes with front pattern pieces especially made for cup sizes A through E.  

A wide range of sizes have been made and are included in this pattern are as follows:

AU 6  8  10  12  14 16 18 20 22 24 26
US 2  4   6    8   10 12 14 16 18 20 22
EU 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

 Below are the final photographs sent to me from the lovely testers of this pattern.  They were so gorgeous I just had to share them in one location for all to see.

I have been very fortunate to have many testers come back a second, third and fourth time to test my new patterns.  I feel very thankful for that and for the friendships formed through this process. 

Thank you to all the lovely testers that helped work on this pattern.  Without you it would not have been possible.

Katie Kennedy

Alison Daines

Kirsten Sanders

Linda Stilling

Pam Black

Kayla Tarey

Jennifer Jeremiah

Shannen Delaney

Sue-Ann Jones

Shaina O'Dell

Anne-Mari Orgla

Diane Soderholme

Anja Wouters

Tania Vervaeke

Cassie Fussie

Emilie Griffin Zaugg

Jennifer Blackman

Catherine Ohlin Smith

Nicole Hanson

Sabrina Alley

Tracy Laney

Bunky Bell (Juanita)

Marah Hulse

Alisha Syring

Nicole Martin

That is all folks!  
Thank you for joining us.

If you wish to purchase a Ladies Fun Tee Pattern 
please visit my 

Pattern $9.00 US with 15% off the entire store if you visit the 
Facebook Group for the discount coupon.

Discount applies until this Friday 18th November 2016

Happy Sewing!